Lavender Mat

Known for its relaxing aroma, lavender has a reputation for soothing. NatraHedge Artificial Lavender Mats imbue indoor and outdoor spaces with luxurious foliage and a soft, calming color.


Lifelike leaves
from RealLeaf™ foliage

NatraHedge Artificial Lavender Mats realistically mimic the tones and patterns of natural lavender thanks to our RealLeaf™ foliage. The end result is a dense lavender hedge that’s more lifelike and consistent than anything else on the market.

Simplest Solution

Using NatraHedge Artificial Lavender Mats in you project cuts out maintenance and boosts your ecological credentials. Once installed, the mats require no further attention, consume no water and create no waste from dead leaves. It really is the simplest solution for foliage.

We offer a full 3 year warranty on the NatraHedge Artificial Lavender Mat because we know they look brand new for 5-8 years. The mats are designed for indoor and outdoor use so wind, rain and UV light don’t fade their color or harm their leaves.

Each box provides 33
square feet of greenery.

Simple installation
to cover any surface.

Made from premium plastic
that won’t fade or degrade.

3 year warranty and 5 - 8 year lifespan


  • Lifelike leaves from RealLeaf™ foliage

  • Made from premium plastic that won’t fade or degrade

  • Each box provides 33 square feet of greenery

  • Simple installation to cover any surface

  • 3 year warranty and 5 - 8 year lifespan

Density .957
Minimum Temp. -76° F
Maximum Temp. 250° F
Panel Size 20” x 20”
Panels Per Box 12
Average Coverage Per Box 33 square feet
Shade Percentage 85%
Backing Thickness 1/8"

Reinforced Baking
w/ Incorporated Pin and Hole Locking

Material Composition

NatraHedge Lavender Mat is made from low density polyethelene (LDPE).

Cut to Size

NatraHedge® Lavender Mat can be easily cut to any size or shape. Material can be wraped around walls or pillars for a natural hedge look.

Package Contents

  • (12ct.) 20" x 20" Lavender Mat

  • (40ct.) 7" Green Fence Fasteners

Note: Installation accessories and tools required differ for each installation surface (i.e. concrete, drywall, steel.). Any additional accessories required for installation will need to be purchased separately.

Read our Installation Guide

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