Ficus Leaf Lattice

The broad leaves and mottled greens of Ficus in the NatraHedge Ficus Hedge Lattice provide a flourishing screen that can be erected and installed in minutes thanks to the elegant and efficient design of our expanding plastic lattice frame.


RealLeaf™ Foliage Garantees
a Ralistic Appearance

NatraHedge Ficus Lattice quickly brings a believable sense of natural plant life to large outdoor spaces.

This lattice features impressively lifelike Ficus leaves with our RealLeaf™ foliage. The plastic frame supports the hedge in every way, providing a hardwearing platform for the RealLeaf™ foliage and further contributing to the impression of natural vegetation. No matter which side you’re on, this product looks great!

Discrete 26’’ x 51’’
to substantial 98’’ x 30’’

The secret of the NatraHedge Ficus Lattice is how quick and easy it is to install. All that needs to be done to transform a concrete jungle into a Garden of Eden is to spread the lattice to its full dimensions of 98’’ x 30’’ and fasten it to any supporting structure.

What’s more, the rigidity provided by the lattice frame means that the NatraHedge Ficus Lattice can be securely fastened to freestanding pillars and stakes, as well as walls, railings and fences.

Package to hedge in seconds
with expandable installation.

Instantly transforms
outdoor areas.

The durable plastic frame supports
is built to last years.

3 year warranty and 5 - 8 year lifespan


  • RealLeaf™ foliage guarantees a realistic appearance

  • Package to hedge in seconds with expandable installation

  • Discrete 26’’ x 51’’ to substantial 98’’ x 30’’

  • Instantly transforms outdoor areas

Density .957
Minimum Temp. -76° F
Maximum Temp. 250° F
Lattice Size (Contracted) 26” x 51”
Lattice Size (Expanded) 98” x 30”
Lattice Per Box 1
Shade Percentage 85%
Wood Backing Thickness 3/4”

Wood Baking Grid

Material Composition

NatraHedge Ficus Lattice is made from low density polyethelene (LDPE) and solid wood backing.

Cut to Size

NatraHedge® Ficus Lattice can be easily expanded from a compact 26” x 51” to and expansive 98” x 30”.

Package Contents

  • (1) Ficus Lattice

  • (10ct.) 7" Green Fence Fasteners

Note: Installation accessories and tools required differ for each installation surface (i.e. concrete, drywall, steel.). Any additional accessories required for installation will need to be purchased separately.

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